Puppy Development Training Package


Puppy development training is designed to give your pup the best start in life.  You will often hear people say

“I will take my puppy to training when it’s older”. 


Once you get your new puppy, usually between 6-12 weeks of age, they are already well into

the Critical Period of Development.The Critical Period of Development is a puppy’s life is from

3 weeks to 16 weeks old. This is when puppies develop the skills and understanding they require for life. 


The 'Puppy Development Training Package' includes 3 sessions in the comfort of

your own home.  Tailored to suit you and your puppy's needs, we address

toilet training, chewing, biting, name recognition, basic commands,

critical period socialisation, physical handlig, boredom busters,

crying/ whining and more.


The Puppy Development Package is just $231.00